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Unified Threat Management (UTM) Enterprise Appliances

Full IT security coverage for large organisations.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances are powerful identity-based network security appliances. They deliver cost effective protection from threats including malware, virus, spam, phishing, and pharming attacks. This is why we deliver the latest and largest range of Cyberoam products.

Cyberoam UTM implements uniform security and delivers a high visibility into remote and branch offices with centralized management and Layer 8 Identity-based security. Offices also gain secure remote access, redundant WAN connectivity, data leakage protection and advanced networking features.

Buy Cyberoam at MicroRentals:

At MicroRentals we offer you top Cyberoam products - designed to combat common and rare internet dangers. The Cyberoam suite of products include:

• Firewall
• VPN ( SSL VPN & IPSec) Intrusion Prevention System
•  Anti-Virus & Anti Spyware
•  Anti-Spam
•  Outbound Spam Protection
•  Web Filtering
• Bandwith Management
• Application Visibility & Control
•  Web Application Firewall
•  3G/4G/ WiMax Connectivity
•  IM Archiving & Controls
• Multiple Link Management
•  On-Appliance Reporting
•  IPv6 ready

You receive all this - and more - in just one appliance!

Skilled and Qualified - why MicroRentals are the best resellers of Cyberoam technologies

At MicroRentals the service doesn’t begin and end with sales. We provide you with excellent service and the most complete and detailed information about Cyberoam products.

MicroRentals staff and engineers have completed all Cyberoam training certificates including Certified Security Professional (CCNSP) and Cyberoam Certified Security Expert (CCNSE). Combining this with a collective 20 years of internet security, we the best reseller and Australian retailer of their products.

Providing you with a no-obligation consultation, you are given the chance to get a detailed report on solutions that best fit your company. Once making an informed decision about the product our experienced staff can install & configure the application at your offices, set to your unique requirements.

When you leave MicroRentals with a Cyberoam product you can be assured that you have the right product and the right amount of coverage. 

Cyberoam Products and Ranges

Cyberoam UTM Appliance for Large Enterprises comes in 2 ranges.

1. Cyberoam NG Series with the 2500iNG.

2. Cyberoam IA series with a choice of four different products:

• CR500ia
• CR500ia-RP
• CR500ia-1F
• CR500ia-10F

All UTM functions vary in level and coverage depending on the product. However common features of products include: 

• Stateful Inspection Firewall
• Intrusion Prevention System
• Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
• Anti-Spam
• Outbound Spam Protection
• Web Filtering
• Bandwidth Management
• Application Visibility & Control
• Web Application Firewall
• 3G / 4G / WiMAX Connectivity
• IM Archiving & Control

Layer 8 is our recommendation for cutting edge security.

For organizations and business with 400 to 2500 or more users we recommend Layer 8 Technology. This advanced security system treats user-identity as the 8th Layer or the human layer in the protocol stack. It attaches user identity to security, rather than conventional solutions that bind security of attacks by username rather than IP address. By using Layer 8 Technology you are keeping your organisation one step ahead.

Buy Cyberoam today!

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For more information on cyberoam products online, you can take a look at the product brochure at:

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