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NetGenie for SOHO

The magic of the NetGenie – Virtual Private Network & Security Firewall.

To provide your office and your home with the best protection possible, MicroRentals have joined forces with internationally renowned Internet security company, Cyberoam Technologies.

The NetGenie is a product designed specifically to provide a safe and secure environment on the net: an all-in-one protection appliance hardware that is all you would ever need for your SOHO business.

The NetGenie offers you a virus and malware-free experience including:

• Firewall
• VPN (Virtual Private Network)
• In-Built Anti-Virus
• Intrusion Prevention
• Internet access controls

We are confident that the NetGenie is the most outstanding security system for SOHO businesses there is. We have extensive knowledge in the internet security field and have achieved all Cyberoam training certificates: Cyberoam Certified Security Professional (CCNSP) and Cyberoam Certified Security Expert (CCNSE). This means that MicroRentals is your best choice for NetGenie purchase and installation.

Find out why NetGenie stands out from the rest!

Taking care of all your Internet needs is something unique to Cyberoam technologies. From connecting to the Internet all the way to automatically reporting Internet activities, it truly is technology of the future supplied today.

The NetGenie is:  

• 3G Ready!  - isn’t this 4G now??
NetGenie enables a USB broadband or a modem, to share a 3-gigabyte Internet connection with multiple users in the office at the same time. It is a fast and cost effective way of using 3G Internet connections. Being on the same network also gives you the chance to share files without having to copy it in to a USB.

• Assured security on the Internet
Protecting offices from viruses, hackers and other harmful software, the NetGenie combats them with firewall, MAC binding, intrusion prevention System, NAT capabilities, denial of service protection, and a regularly updated in-built Anti-Virus.

• Virtual Private Network (VPN)
VPN offers a secure access to remote network resources. This could be the office of a client or a connection to the head office. The NetGenie permits continuous exchange of information, around the world, in real time.

• Internet Controls
Shield and block your office from unsafe Internet content. The NetGenie allows offices to manage websites and programs that can be accessed over the Internet: simply done by inputting a list of blocked websites and applications. There are also pre-categorised settings that save you the time of researching which websites to block and programming them in.

• Pre-Set Wi-Fi Security
The pre-set security setting prevents your office network from unauthorized connection of other devices to your office network. With encryption technologies of WEP, WPA, WPA2 , the NetGenie ensures only authorized users use your office Wi-Fi network.

• Reports
Receive real-time reports of employee productivity. Know what your employees are doing online on company time without the need to physically monitor their Internet activities. You also receive security reports on the security status of your office network.

With the NetGenie you aren’t just buying a product, you are guaranteeing yourself protection and security on the web. For more information online take a look at the product brochure at:

Contact Us to get your Netgenie today!

At MicroRentals we serve and protect your Internet security Australia wide. Call 1300 790 650 or email us at for any enquiries you might have.

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