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Digital marketing, Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin – All under one roof

Microrentals digital marketing makes use of your company’s online or web presence to engage with consumers and other business partners. It takes a considered approach for website design to effectively engage your visitors and deliver results. Your website is your online shop front, it is the first point many of your customers see before they contact you. Therefore it must be focused on delivering real results and like any marketing, your website should give you a positive return on your online investment.

Microrentals digital marketing comes in many forms - ask us.

It’s not important enough to just use this marketing, but to use it correctly. If you do, you’ll find benefits like:

  • Enhanced relationships and better credibility
  • More visibility for your brand
  • Better Return on Investment
  • Increased Sales

We have ability to give world class digital marketing service both the small and medium business that are looking for a competitive online edge for their business and online marketing needs.

Microrentals digital marketing includes:

  • Web site design
  • Banner ads
  • Adwords
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

An AdWords Campaign is an ad campaign within an AdWords account. An AdWords campaign is usually composed of several ad groups. Each ad group serves different ad texts based on the type of keyword a user may type into Google's search engine. Common ad campaign groupings include geography, device segmentation, and product type. For example, A IT equipment store selling Laptop and iPads can choose to have different ad campaigns for each of its products.

There’s more to an AdWords campaign than sitting back and waiting for visitors to click on your ads. You need to make sure that the ads you’ve created are being displayed to the right people, and that you’re not paying too much for keywords that won’t offer you beneficial returns.

Microrentals can find your most valuable AdWords keywords, because it mines your site’s traffic and conversion data for search queries that visitors have actually used to find you. Using these terms in your AdWords campaign results in several important benefits:

  • Guaranteed qualified traffic
  • A higher click-through rate (CTR)
  • A lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Better paid search engine rankings
  • A higher Quality Score

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